Frequently Asked Questions About Irrigation Systems

Can I install my own irrigation system?

It is highly recommended that you have an irrigation company install your system. If an irrigation system is not installed correctly, it can end up costing you much more in the end. Our skilled professionals will install your system to fully accommodate your lawn, while still being cost-efficient!

Is an irrigation system expensive?

An irrigation system is a great investment and it will actually end up saving you money over time. No more over-watering certain areas or losing precious time each day to moving the sprinkler hose back and forth in the yard!

How much will the system cost?

The cost of an irrigation system is based on a number of things. For example, how many shrub beds you have that need to be watered or how large your property is. Our estimator will meet you at your property and go over all of your irrigation needs. Once your lawn needs are planned out, our estimator will come up with a competitive cost for the system.

Should I have an irrigation system for new sod and landscaping?

Yes. Having an irrigation system will allow you to keep up on all the watering, sod needs without giving up all your free time. An irrigation system is great for new landscaping and plantings because the controller will help you moderate your watering schedules.

How much maintenance does a system need?

A good irrigation system needs minimal maintenance. Minimal maintenance usually consists of the back-flow inspection (if required by the county), spring turn-ons, and winterization appointments. A spring turn-on will take care of all the adjustments to ensure you are getting the right coverage.

Winterization is a vital part of keeping your irrigation working as it should. In order to prevent freeze damage, the irrigation system should be winterized by the first freeze of the winter season, usually early December. Keeping up with maintenance can prevent a lot of problems in the future. An irrigation system is a great investment for your home, so it makes sense to take care of it.

How long will an irrigation system last?

If an irrigation system is installed correctly and the recommended maintenance is applied, then the irrigation system could last for the lifetime of your home.

What type of warranty does our company offer?

All of our irrigation systems are guaranteed. Our estimator will go over warranty policies when he meets with you. Please note, warranties do not cover systems that we did not install.